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House of Bread Contemporary Kitchen Collective

White or Cinnamon Matches in Medium Corked Vial

White or Cinnamon Matches in Medium Corked Vial

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 "the light shines in the darkness,

 and the darkness has not overcome it."-John 1:5

These glass vials of matches are so aesthetically pleasing that they spark joy just hanging out in your kitchen window or near the sink! They include a striker pad on the bottom of each glass bottle.

Did you just burn food tonight? We are loving these Catholic Candles from The Broadmeadow Company to help alleviate kitchen smog. Paired with our House of Bread matches, this makes for a small heartwarming memento. 

Choose from White or Cinnamon. 

Don't forget to have your matches blessed! This is available only upon request after purchase as we do not sell blessed objects. Have this done at your leisure upon delivery or send us a message to have your matches blessed before shipping. 

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