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House of Bread Contemporary Kitchen Collective

St. Teresa of Kolkata Handle Cutting Board

St. Teresa of Kolkata Handle Cutting Board

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Bring the love & warmth of Mother Teresa to your family & your kitchen with every meal you serve! This is the product that started it all! The deep lines in St. Teresa’s face bring out her infectious smile in every engraving, making each board vivid and life-like. The saint behind why we do what we do here at House of Bread Contemporary Kitchen Collective! Our product kitchen where our designs are curated, tested and photographed, is dedicated to her service to the poor.  We can be Jesus in the littlest things we do…like cooking a meal for a loved one. “If you want to make a difference, go home and love your family.”


[The inspiration behind this product is dedicated to my dear friend Jamie. She has encouraged me for many years to use my talents for interior design to glorify God. If it wasn’t for her nudging me to share my designs to inspire the domestic church of others, this site would not have come to fruition. I am grateful that she along with the Holy Spirit reveled the words “House of Bread” to me through many random moments in adoration or spoken to me through playing with my children. It took me from discernment into a giant leap of faith.]

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