St. Vincent DePaul himself THANKS YOU!

St. Vincent DePaul himself THANKS YOU!

On Wednesday, July 19th we celebrated the feast of a generous man that gave until it hurt. From orders placed that day from generous people like YOU, we were able to surprise 30 SVDP food pantry volunteers today with gift bags!

This was a huge undertaking that could not be done without the support of my kids! They set up an assembly line in our passenger van and got right to work delegating who was filling bags with what and passing them down the line! Some kids were so far in the back working that they couldn't be pictured while others were napping. LOL!

Then there is my poor son who kept the operation regulated. By the looks of the picture he may seem bored and over the whole shindig when in actuality he was willing to help in the midst of adjusting his hair! Haha! Yes. We are at the age where hair matters! I still feel bad that I didn't get a good shot that shows how much he cared to help. 

When we glanced over the photos he said "mom please tell me you got another pic better than this one!" but unfortunately I didn't because when duty calls you hustle and hop to it and get back to work.

The goal today was not to have marvelous photo ops, but to do a take over and bombard the workers with LOVE unexpectedly! There were so many volunteers we could not picture them all in one photo. Then there were others that were so busy helping hungry families in need that they had no idea that a gift bag awaits them! 

Many thanks to the people at Sprouts Grocers for allowing us to buy their entire stock of Dutch Stroppels and wiping them out clean off the shelf. For letting us camp out in their parking lot to stuff all the bags in our trunk and using their carts for overflow while we got our system down to a science! And for graciously giving us staples from the grocery store when we ran out! 

At the end of the day they were thankful for your generosity of gifting them our Sacred Heart Tea Infuser Spoons, Floral Blooming Tea & Stuffed Caramel Waffles and lots of other promo goodies!


While it feels good to help those in need; every now and again we should surprise those working behind the scenes that work tirelessly to help others. The "Do-Gooders" living in our communities amongst us. The St. Vincent DePaul people of our time. Kudos to you all for your organized efforts week after week. 

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