St. John the Baptist Bonfire!

St. John the Baptist Bonfire!

If you've read our blogs before you know we are big on celebrating the sacraments in an impactful way. Same goes for when those anniversaries come around, and no I'm not just talkin' marriage. Baptismversy might not be a real word but it is a real thing! So too, is the anniversary of their confirmation. While we don't have cake for the rememberance of every sacrament for obvious, gluttoness reasons, we typically reserve that for the birthday of Mother Church.

The feast of St. John the Baptist happens to be our son's confirmation anniversary. We are looking forward to a having a family bonfire that night to recall the day when he chose to invoke the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So much to celebrate in this one day!

St. John the Baptist is a particularly special feast for several reasons. For starters he is the greatest of all prophets. While he was still conceived with the stain of original sin, he was actually cleansed and set free from from it, while still in his mother's womb! The benefits of being the precursor to Christ! Pretty cool huh? That alone is definitely worth celebrating! 

Even if you don't have a confirmation to celebrate that evening, consider having your own little fire with smore's and blankets in the sweltering summer heat! Come on, you can't have a smore' without a blanket even if its hot.  We won't judge if you decide to skip the blanket. However you decide to celebrate big or small, have some family fun! Make sure you do something. The memories made every feast day is what keeps your kids Catholic for life! 


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