Memories of La Vang!

Memories of La Vang!

Growing up I had the privilege of my house being situated in the midst of a Catholic Charities refugee hub. The vast exposure to various cultures from around the globe was a utopian dream not offered too many. Our playmates were from Bosnia to Saudia Arabia, Laos to Haiti, Columbia to Iran, but above all Vietnam.  Vietnamese was the predominant culture that lived amongst the people in Southern Kentucky. Not many people know just what a melting pot Louisville really is until you visit and see for yourself. Our parish of St. John Vianney was later converted to a Vietnamese mission church for the people who transplanted there to call their own. I have fond memories of my life-long best friend since kindergarten growing up there together. I remember the day that she and her family anxiously anticipated the monument to Our Lady of La Vang being erected. I didn't fully understand then the excitement back then, but now as an adult, I appreciate it. Vietnamese Catholics take great pride in celebrating August 22nd and November 22nd to Our Lady for her yes to God! Though the additional feast is not properly recognized by the Vatican the festivities are in full bloom. If you have never attended such a festival with a team of children underneath a dragon costume to complete its tail, then you are missing out! The statue is adorned in marble crushing the head of the devil with the dragon slayed at her feet over an inviting waterfall with wading pool beneath. All while she so gently cradles baby Jesus in her arms. You don't have to be Vietnamese to be in awe of this magnificent sculpture that was so tenderly constructed. It bravely stands on one of the most busiest of roadways in southern Louisville, subtly evangelizing to everyone that passes by. Isn't that just what Our Lady does? She softens hearts in her mild and meek manner and hand delivers them to her Son, Jesus.

Our Lady of La Vang, Pray for Us!  


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