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Benedict's Raven: Contempo Art Deco Kitchen Lamp

Benedict's Raven: Contempo Art Deco Kitchen Lamp

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          ***HOUSE OF BREAD FAVE!***

“At dinner time,” Gregory the Great writes of Saint Benedict, “a raven daily used to come to him from the next wood, which took bread at his hands.” One day, the saint’s friend, the raven stopped by as usual, only this time, the raven swooped in to save his life. The raven knew that the bread on Benedict’s plate was poisoned. The bird hopped about and cried out, “as though he would have said that he was willing to obey,” that is, to take the bread, “and yet could not do what he was commanded.” Benedict reassures the raven, and bids him to take the poisoned bread far away where no one can find it. Later, the raven returns for his usual blessing and meal.

-> This art crafted resin crow light holds it’s prized LED bulb! Unique, fashionable, striking and distinctive design will add a charming twist to your current lighting collection. - Enjoy the ambiance of soft warm white light - Available in black, white or gold. Specifications: LED Bulb Included* Bulb: This light uses an E12 bulb Indoor Use Only Material: Resin Dimensions: 33.5 x 11.5 x 10.5cm

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